About Berlination
Berlination created to bring a feeling of comfort and belonging to Berlin’s immigrant community by involving curiosity and wonder instead of prejudice and judgment. I also wanted to create a space for people to share their own stories and experiences. 
I believe that in Berlin – a multicultural city – it is most important to have an open dialogue about immigration so that we can achieve tolerance and understanding in our community. I choose to use illustration as the primary visual element because I feel it is the best way to communicate a story and to bring to life a personal world.

About me 
My name is Adi Giora, and I moved to Berlin 7 years ago. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director. I was born and raised in Israel, decided to immigrate to Berlin mainly because I wanted to experience a different culture, but also to find my place.
What brought me to Berlin, you must wonder. I had a dream to do a student exchange, but it didn’t work out while I did my BA. So after I finished my studies, I decided to go for it, and just moved. Berlin came to mind because of its reputation as a cheap, creative city. It also helped that my grandfather was German and that I have dual citizenship. I came here without a network of people, without language and a job. Maybe I was a bit naive to think it would be just fine. After seven years in the city, I can say it is fine. But the journey wasn’t simple. Today I’m happy to call Berlin my home. As a part of this challenging journey, I wanted to share some of my experiences, insights, and advice, so I created Berlination.