Historical Stuff

Berlin’s migration history

couple dancing

This is Bohemian-Rixdorf
Written by Adi G. & illustrated by Rachel K.

In the middle of Neuköln, between U-Bahn Karl-Marks-Straße and S-Bahn Neuköln lays a little quiet square called Bohemian-Rixdorf. This square holds an interesting history…

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eating döner

Döner for Beginners
Written & illustrated by Adi. G

You might assume that the Döner Kebab was invented in Turkey but according to Tarrkan Tasumruk, chairman of the ATDiD, the Döner was actually invented in Germany…

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Rosa Luxemburg

The Rosa Behind the Platz
Written & illustrated by Adi G.

If you live in Berlin you probably passed by Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. It is where you can find Volksbühne, Babylon cinema, many cool bars and trendy restaurants, and also the house of the German left party ‘Die Linke‘…

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